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ABS Innovations focuses on monitoring and improving management behaviours through technology. Concurrent to the development and better accessibility of mobile technology, we provide the most effective solutions to facilitate transformation and efficiency. Most importantly, we work collaboratively to make sure that all of our applications are designed to be user-friendly. As such, users can easily navigate the application without having to undergo any specific training.

By championing progress through promoting behavioural change and offering a comprehensive solution for direct performance management incorporating operational, financial and agronomic elements. We have the knowledge and expertise in creating innovative technologies such as Plantation Micro Macro Program (PMMP) and Mill Micro Macro Program (MMMP) to further help the many agricultural sectors like, Palm Oil and Durian Organizations to pursue sustainable growth. Our PMMP and MMMP are mobile-based applications that encompass the integration of GPS, geo-mapping and other advanced features to offer real-time monitoring of the plantation performance. These leading-edge systems help to simplify the management activities and thereby increasing productivity.

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ABS has supported the yield and productivity improvements of some of the leaders of agriculture

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