Mill Micro
Macro Program

Smart, Seamless, and Automated Mill
and Factory Management.

'ABSI's MMMP is specifically designed to enhance Mill and Factory management. By utilising controls and installing sensors at the right machines, we have provided a transparent and easy way to check its status and condition of your site, ensuring and always optimised and efficient operation.

All of the key data and insights are available to managers and the HQ with real-time access to the generated reports so as to maximise the yield while minimising any potential loss. For added security of the mill or factory, we have invented a face recognition software system to perform inspections on any visitors or clients.'

Industries and solutions
we cater to:

01 Palm Oil Mills
02 Sugar Mills
03 Durian Factory
04 Lab Management
05 Maintenance Management
06 IoT Monitoring
07 Supplier Management
Grading & Quality Control

Auto-calculation of Received Product
Quality eliminates manual paperwork
& reduces data errors.

Supplier Management Control

Achieve win-win scenario through
Individual Performance Management 
and Evaluation.

Proactive Supervision Control

Enables early detection and reaction
to breakdown incidents via short 
interval controls.

Alert Supervision (IOT) Control

Remote communication in real-time
for fast failure recovery turnaround 
time for processes parameters beyond
control limits.

Maintenance Control

Makes use of TPM (Total Productive
Maintenance) for efficient Production 
Maintenance history and analytics
for MTBF.

Lab and Oil Loss Control

Instill a culture based on facts and data
driven analysis through a structured 
Problem-Solving Process.

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