Durian Plantation

A Durian Plantation Management solution 
powered by PMMP.

The rising star, Durian, has taken to the international market like a storm, and as the leading innovators
of plantations behavioural management systems, ABS Innovations has developed the world’s first and
most robust Durian Plantation Management System, powered by PMMP.

The extremely valuable Durian fruit requires strict care and management within the
upstream and downstream operations, our Durian Plantation Management Program
enables plantations to drive better efficiency, higher productivity as well as having
greater transparency across the immature, mature, harvesting & distribution stages.
The adoption of Durian PMMP not only helps plantations to keep track of labour
progress and attendance but also helps to optimise the field activities such as quality
control, Tree inspection, pest & disease control, quantity control, in-field evacuation as well as backlog management, with many other key focuses.

Closed Loop Management

To ensure continuous improvement and better yields,
we have introduced a closed loop system to allow ongoing
tracking and improvements at the touch of a mobile device.

With all of your key data touch points aligning into a single
source of truth, you can confidently and remotely manage
your plantation.

Upstream & Downstream

The purpose of ABS Innovations Durian Plantation Management
Program aims to increase yield and productivity within the
Durian plantations by managing and driving positive behaviours
and practices in the field. Our full-scale approach manages your
plantations upstream and downstream seamlessly, to ensure
that you continue to produce and manufacture at the highest
quality whilst maintain sustainable growth and practices.

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