AI Powered Precision Agriculture

Nano Precision makes a big difference in yield, cost, and efficiencies for agricultural businesses.

Field Maintenance

Nano Precision makes a big difference in yield, cost, and efficiencies for plantations, ABS’s Aerial Imaging services embedded with AI-powered computer vision algorithms combined with the brain of brings a new level of precision to plantations driving closed-loop preventative maintenance.

PMMP Aerial Decision support system leveraging Drone and Satellite AI significantly simplifies the assessment and treatment activities in the field, with closed-loop monitoring to ensure the fields can be maintained timely and efficiently with reduced manpower, whilst providing considerable savings on the resources spent compared to the conventional census methods.

Greater Area Coverage
Higher Density
Greater Accuracy
Data Integrity

Aerial Decision Support System

Universal Agricultural Solutions

Precision Auto
Tree Counting

AI-powered automated tree counting @ 99.5%+ accuracy. Order precise fertilizer with accurate stand count.

Plant Health

Spot unhealthy trees and prescribe targeted nutrient application.

Precision Terracing

Generate digitised terrace model with accuracy up to 5cm.

Vacant Points

Find vacant points and supply them to maximize planting density.

Digitised Plantation

Digitised plantation inventory with roads, buildings, water sources, topo and plant density.

Digitised Terrace
& Planting Point Model

Digitised planting point modelling with terrace and other infra plans.

Closed Loop Maintenance

1 Drone & Satellite Imaging
Accurate over canopy imagery
2 Area Statement
For effective supply and action planning
3 Plant Density
Maximising land usage
4 Vegetation Index
Effective use of chemicals
5 P&D Treatment Census
Proactive checks on tree health
6 Fertiliser Management Program
Effective use of Fertiliser
7 Palm Re-Supply Program
Increase yield per hectare
8 Performance Dashboards & Analysis
Decision support and action plan

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