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'Introducing a fully digitalized integrated ABS Enterprise Resource Planning – AERP program which enables seamless flow of information from the field (Front End) to estate office and RO / HQ (Back End).

This integrated ERP consists of a full financial suite such as financial reporting, management costing, payroll, procurement, inventory, sales, field supervisory controls and many more.

Console Financial Reporting
Project & Management Costing
Cascade Data

AERP Modules

  • Flexible GL account and sub-account structure
  • Account and sub-account security
  • Reporting from multiple dimensions
  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Flexible Configuration of Financial Periods
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
  • GL Accounts Budgeting and Budget Approval
  • Automatic Allocation of GL Balances
  • Drill Down to Original Documents
  • Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Audit Trails

Purchase Order

  • Partial / Consolidated Receipts
  • Drop Shipments
  • Blanket Orders
  • Multiple Ship-To Addresses
  • Integrates with Requisitions
  • Integrates with Accounts Payable
  • Reporting and Drill-Down
  • Audit Trail


  • Predefined Request Lists
  • Consolidate Multiple Requests
  • Integrates with Purchase Order
  • Integrates with Inventory
  • Integrates with Sales Order
  • Audit Trail
  • Vendor Prepayment
  • Approval Workflow
  • Vendor Payment Processing
  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Multiple AP Accounts
  • Support Multiple Currencies
  • Recurring AP Documents
  • Vendor Refunds
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Electronic Payment Support
  • AP Aging Reports
  • Vendor Account Security
  • Audit Trails
  • Flexible Pay Codes, Salary Matrix, Statutory Contributions, etc.
  • Multiple Pay Run
  • Support Salary Payment via Bank Transfer
  • Payslip
  • Comprehensive Statutory Reports – KWSP, SOCSO, etc.
  • Multiple AR Accounts in GL
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
  • Customer Balances and Credit Limit Verification
  • Payment Reversal
  • Automatic Payment Application
  • Recurring Billing
  • Invoice and Statement
  • Sales Commission Calculation
  • Overdue Charges Calculation
  • Customer Account Security
  • Audit Trails
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Multiple Valuation Methods
  • Lot and Serial Numbering
  • Expiration Dates
  • Two-Step Transfers
  • Purchase Order Automation
  • Sales Order Discounts and Promotions
  • Definable Vehicle Model & Manufacturer Master
  • Vehicle Master
  • Vehicle Log Transaction Entry
  • Capture Vehicle Expenses from Accounts Payable
  • Alert for Vehicle due for Maintenance
  • Reports
  • Multiple Depreciation Methods
  • Purchase Order Integration
  • Fixed Asset Classes
  • Multiple Asset Types
  • Bulk Transfer
  • Bulk Disposal
  • Flexible OC Profile definition
  • Integrates with GL, AP, AR, and other modules
  • Captures OC Transactions from source (other modules)
  • Captures OC yield from system or integrates with other front-end system
  • Supports full OC life-cycle – planting, replanting, mature, etc.
  • Flexible reporting

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