Plantation Micro
Macro Program

An Approach To Increasing Yields & Productivity.

Opting for technology enables plantations to gain long-term advantages in terms of better efficiency, higher productivity as well as greater transparency.

The adoption of PMMP not only helps supervisors to keep track of labour progress and attendance, and maintenance but also helps to optimise the harvesting activities such as quality control, quantity control, in-field evacuation as well as backlog management.

PMMP provides the tools and controls to effectively optimize resources & drive productivity from the workforce ensuring that resources are at, the Right Place, the Right Time doing the Right Activity in the Right Way.

Estate & Mill Handshake

Quality Control and Source

Supplier Management

Individual Performance

Supervision & Security

Attendance Facial

Production Control

Proactive Supervision &
Inspection Control

Maintenance Control

Enforce culture of Problem
Solving & Accountability

PMMP digital tools and enablers

Mobile Apps
IoT & Sensor
Cloud Computing
Big Data
Embedded System
Drones & UAV
Satellite Imagery
Artificial Intelligence

Data Driven Plantation Management

  • Palm Oil Plantations
  • Durian Plantations
  • Seed Production Labs
  • Maintenance Control
  • Production Control
  • Supplier Management
  • AI Powered Precision Agriculture
Information Mobility
  • Automated Summary of work completion
  • Real Time Data allow user to re-act faster
  • Seamless field data integration
Ease of Use
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Less time taken for system familiarization
  • Degree of usability to suit all user hierarchy
Cost Effectiveness
  • Instant investment return possibility
  • Sturdy industrial design device
  • Reduce Non-value creating activities

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