Asian Agri Using Technology To Improve Palm Oil Efficiency

Since 2016, Asian Agri has been running their Asian Agri Connected Plantations (AACP) program, powered by PMMP. This technology helps to optimize the harvesting of trees helps improve overall quality, since the ripeness of the fruit affects the quality and quantity of palm oil which can be extracted from it.

For more information on Asian Agri, and their innovative stance on plantation management click here.

Asia Palm Oil, An Interview With Mr. Joe Lahra, Executive Chairman

Asia Palm Oil took the opportunity to sit down and discuss ABS Innovations current products and methodology. Highlighting the effectiveness of our approach in both our traditional consulting and our modern implementation of digital tools to increase profits and yields through the management of behavioural changes.

ABS Innovations Is Now A One Stop Shop For Agricultural Businesses

ABS has introduced a fully digitalized integrated ABS Enterprise Resource Program – AERP which enables seamless flow of information from the field (Front End) to estate office and RO / HQ (Back End).

This integrated ERP consist of a full financial suites such as financial reporting, management costing, payroll, procurement, inventory, sales, field supervisory controls and many more.

Seminar By Krabi Provincial Industry Ministry, Thailand

ABSI was invited to a seminar organised by Krabi Provincial Industry Ministry to present a paper on “Best Practices of Palm Oil Estate and Mill Management”. The participants were welcoming of the ABSI approach to increase Yield and Productivity by the implementation of ABSI’s PMMP and MMMP system approach.

Sinarmas Leadership Dashboard Intelligence Workshop, Jakarta

ABS Indonesia conducted a “TAKING BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL” workshop for the Top 30 in Upstream Management for Sinarmas. Participants learned about Managing expectations, Leading change, and the People element of change. They were also challenged on the analysis of data from their own estates to present cases for performance improvement utilising data from systems built on PMMP.

Mados’s Holdings Goes Live!

Congratulations to Mados’s Holding for enforcing the digitalisation of the Palm Oil Industry.

ABS Innovations is very honoured to take part in the visionary roadmap for the digitalisation of Mados’s Holding Sdn Bhd.

Tech: IJM Plantations Embarks On Digitalisation Of Estate Operations By Using PMMP

THESE days, Deky Yahya, a field staff at IJM Plantations Bhd, does not have to manually key in the statistics that he collects from the group’s estates in the Sugut region in Sabah. With the Samsung tablet that he uses to gather information on harvesters’ fresh fruit bunch (FFB) collection, Deky can quickly upload the data to the computers back at the estate’s office instead of having to perform the tedious task of data entry that he had had to do in the past. Click here to view more